Cancellation Policy

We here at CDMI are very confident with our ability to restore complex credit issues, however as our client you have the right to request a refund at anytime. On this page we will inform you how the refund policy works and how milestone completions effect the amount of the refund.

100% Cancellation Guarantee

All our credit programs** include 5 day 100% cancellation. Notify us immediately by emailing or calling 718-481-3363 signaling your intentions to cancel your purchase. Our office will contact you to acknowledge your request and start the process to refund the amount collected.


Our initial processes are broken into stages or “milestones”, the term used in our contract. Once the contract is signed and login information are entered into our system, the available refund value changes, less the non-refundable $350 administration fee. The percentage of refund are as follows.

      • 100% Prior to the 5th day after signing up for a specified program.
      • 90% Prior to completion of the first milestone.
      • 75% Prior to completion of the second milestone.
      • 50% Prior to completion of the third milestone.
      • 0% After to completion of the third milestone.

Value of services

While we are confident in our ability to perform the services your credit needs, there cannot be any assurances that we will be 100% successful. 

For your protection, CDMI agrees to refund the Fee actually paid by you in the event that we are unsuccessful, less the value of the services successfully performed. Value of services, per service:

Refund Payment Calculation

The following is an example of a refund request, requested after the dispute milestone has started.

Perfect Credit Program$2500
50% Deposit Paid (current balance)$1250
Administrator Fee– $350
Collection removal (2 bureaus)– $1000
20 point FICO increase ( all 3 bureaus)– $600
Total owed to CDMI$700

**Business credit plans are not covered under this cancellation policy.

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